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jbc-burpie-green dot

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J Baby Co drool bib is the perfect combination of style and function. The bib front is green floral cotton fabric, backed with absorbent white cotton terry cloth and trimmed with a red polka-dot cotton. It's 11" x 8" and has a convenient front-side closure. Made in the USA

jbc-bib-brown argyle dot.jpg jbc-bib-brown argyle $19.00
jbc-bib-cowhide bandana.jpg jbc-bib-cowhide $19.00
jbc-bib-green floral dot.jpg jbc-bib-green floral $19.00
jbc-burpie-brown argyle dot.jpg jbc-burpie-brown argyle $31.00
jbc-burpie-cowhide bandana.jpg jbc-burpie-cowhide $31.00