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jbc-bib-green floral

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J Baby Co drool bib is the perfect combination of style and function. The bib front is brown and cream argyle cotton fabric, backed with absorbent cream cotton terry cloth and trimmed with a brown and blue dot cotton. It's 11" x 8" and has a convenient front-side closure.

jbc-bib-brown argyle dot.jpg jbc-bib-brown argyle $19.00
jbc-bib-cowhide bandana.jpg jbc-bib-cowhide $19.00
jbc-burpie-brown argyle dot.jpg jbc-burpie-brown argyle $31.00
jbc-burpie-cowhide bandana.jpg jbc-burpie-cowhide $31.00
jbc-burpie-green floral dot.jpg jbc-burpie-green dot $31.00