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Many, many items in our inventory are ready
for retirement. 

Save 40% on your entire purchase - even
previously discounted items. 
Enter coupon code
RETIRE40 at checkout.

It's the perfect time to stock up on gifts for
birthdays, graduations and Mother's Day.

All sales are final during our sale.



ag-ipad sleeve-espalier blue.jpg ag-tablet sleeve-espalier blue $21.00$6.00 Qty
ag-ipad sleeve-palmer pink floral.jpg ag-tablet sleeve-palmer floral $21.00$6.00 Qty
ag-iphone sleeve-espalier blue.jpg ag-iphone case-espalier blue $16.00$4.00 Qty
ag-iphone sleeve-palmer pink floral.jpg ag-iphone case-palmer floral $16.00$4.00 Qty
cl-silver tote.jpg cl-tote-silver $32.00$9.60 Qty
mb-tote-gumdrop.jpg mb-tote-gum drop $9.00 Qty
two-hamper-chelsea yellow.jpg two-hamper-yellow $38.00$29.00

Chelsea Collapsible Hamper/Tote by Two's Company